Red Carpet Hair Styles

Red Carpet Hair Styles

Award shows are definitely the stars’ time to shine.  Not only are they decorated in designer gowns and gorgeous jewelry, their hair is absolutely jaw dropping.  Here’s our two cents on who went above and beyond with their look at the recent Grammy Awards, and particularly say job well done to those hairstylists who made it happen.

Ponytails & Braids

Ponytails were a common look during the Grammys, but many celebs put their own personalization on this simple look.  Kate Beckinsale had her hair pulled into a high, wave ponytail that showed off her normal dark hair from the front, but from the back it became an almost blonde tint and showed off her fantastic curls.  Lady Gaga also tried the dual color ponytail look, but hers was much more striking with streaks of white and black winding through looped style.  Using the simple ponytail look, but adding a layer of thick bangs, was Jessie J, who highlighted her eyes and cheekbones with her style.

Loose and Curly

Many other celebs opted for letting their hair down and bringing the style with a mess of curls.  Rihanna had messy curls up front, but perfect spiral shapes in the back.  She also showed off her style with blonde locks and very dark roots.  Both Cyndi Lauper and Kelly Osbourne also went for a shock of color.  Kelly had lavender locks and Cyndi mixed black and platinum in her curls.  However, two of the celebs that opted for traditional style pulled off an incredible look.  Adele used vintage-style make up and shoulder length curls to emphasize her old-style look.  Miranda Lambert had long blonde curls that just screamed down-home country style.


Many celebs used up-dos for their special day, and everyone seemed to be different.  However, the bouffant-style look showed up a few times.  From the front, Alicia Keys seemed to be sporting that hair style, though from the side you could see it was a traditional roll.  Katy Perry had a front bouffant, though hers was painted blue to complement her wardrobe.  In the back, she had her hair clipped in a seam-style.  Both Alicia and Katy used their look to show off their striking bone structure.  JLo sported a stunning very sleek and high topknot.  Taraji P. Henson had a simple up-do, but her locks seemed loose up front, creating a carefree look.  Carrie Underwood similarly kept it simple up front, but she tied it back into a low, messy twist.

The perfect hairstyle is the best thing to tie your outfit and makeup together for any special night.  Whether it’s the Grammy’s, a prom, a wedding, or just a night out, your hair is crucial to making the best look.  When you visit the Health and Style Institute for your look, tell them what feel you want to create.  Are you going for vintage?  Carefree?  Formal?  You can also consider bringing a picture of your outfit so you can be sure you have one put-together look from top to bottom.  Explaining the feeling you want to evoke is the first step in letting the Health and Style Institute put you in the look you want.

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