Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

Cold weather can be absolutely brrrrrrutal on your hair and scalp. The good news: You can winterize your hair — dodging damage by switching up your hair care routine, products and treatments. Here are our top 7 ways to keep hair looking fabulous when it’s frigid.


Moisture, Moisture, And More Moisture. We’re putting this right at the top because, well, adding moisture is the #1 rule for winterizing your hair. Switch to a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to combat dryness. If your hair is too thin or fine to stand up to much moisture, rotate the products into your regular product line, or use a deep conditioner once a week. If you have the opposite problem and your hair can’t get enough moisture, add moisturizing oil to your daily hair-care ritual —and be amazed at how much difference a few drops of oil can make. Your Health and Style Institute stylist can help you determine the right products for your hair.



Help keep your mitts supple in cold months by wearing stylish gloves and mittens!

Cover It Up. A physical barrier from icy temps and cold winds is a must. Luckily, there are no shortage of cute caps, hats and scarves to shield your tresses and complete your outfit. However — this leads to another dreaded winter hair woe: static electricity. Avoid this by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or sleeping cap before donning a wool hat. It’s a great protector from potential damage caused by a hat rubbing or tugging on hair.


Ask For More Love In The Salon. Request a Conditioning Treatment at the shampoo bowl. These treatments intensely moisturize/ repair your hair, or balance/ detox your scalp. Best of all, you can get them at Health and Style Institute starting at only $6!

Stay Out Of Hot Water. When the weather outside is frightful, a hot shower can be so delightful. BUT, it can wreak havoc on your hair. Never wash or rinse your hair in hot water; use warm or lukewarm water. This keeps the heat from drying out your hair, fading your color and causing further damage. If you can stand it, follow with a cool or cold rinse to lock in moisture.

Use A Heat Styling Protectant. Never ever leave the house with wet hair — not only would your mom get mad, but your hair could freeze, become brittle, and break. The inability to air-dry means you may be doing more heat drying and styling in the winter months, so invest in a product with thermal protectant.

Trim It Up. Even if you’re focused on growing your hair, do NOT choose the winter months to skip a haircut or trim. Dry hair leads to brittle ends, and once the ends of your hair start to split or break, the only cure is to snip them off. Cut your hair every 3-4 weeks for short hair, 4-6 weeks for medium-length, and 6-10 weeks for long hair.

Skip Shampooing. Lather your hair less frequently in winter, but use conditioner every time — at least on the ends. If your scalp gets the greasies when you skip a wash, use a Dry Shampoo to refresh and revitalize second- and third-day hair.  Bonus: your hair will smell mesmerizing.

We’ve heard people refer to winter as the “bad hair season,” and we get it — but honestly, it doesn’t have to be. When you’ve got a little bit of knowledge and the right products, Jack Frost may nip at your nose but he’ll leave your hair alone. If you need some expert guidance during the winter, your Health and Style Institute stylist has a warm, cozy chair for you to snuggle up and chat in, come see us!

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