Winter Hair Static Woes?

Winter Hair Static Woes?

One of the most annoying things that happens to your hair in the winter months is static.  You can spend hours styling, but five minutes later, each strand of hair seems to have a mind of its own and a desperate desire to get as far away from your head as possible.  You can brush and brush, but without these simple tips from the Health and Style Institute, you run the risk of spending your night on the town with the Einstein style.

 Go Natural!

Stop running plastic bristles through your hair, they only make the situation worse.  Instead, buy a wooden or animal hair brush.  They don’t hold static charge, so can’t spread it to your hair.


Remove Static That’s Already There

If you already have a head full of static, there are some simple tricks to getting it out.  First, realize that static is actually a form of electricity.  And what conducts electricity?  Metal.  Grab a wire clothes hanger and run it over the static-y sections of your hair.  The static should just jump to the wire, leaving your style alone.  You can also try lighting brushing a dryer sheet through your hair.  They’re designed to get static out of clothes, but they can work wonders on hair as well.


Locking moisture in is the best way to keep static out.  This means using a shampoo and conditioner that is made to moisturize, then treating your hair when you step out of the shower.  Sprays that contain silicone will coat your hair, making it impossible (or at least much much harder) for those static-causing ions to reach your locks.  You can also use a drop or two of hand lotion in a static emergency.  Just rub the lotion on your fingertips, then run your fingers through your hair.

Our conditioning/moisturizing treatments start at only $6, come see what a difference they can make!

Cut, color, & conditioning by HSI student Traci.

Cut, color, & conditioning by HSI student Traci.

Know the Hair You Have

If you have thick, wavy locks, your hair can handle a lot of product.  Think of it as fair payback for all those times as a child your mother would comb your hair and it would hurt like heck.  You can use a rich conditioning spray to keep moisture locked in.  Because hair dryers are designed to pull water away from your hair, use the conditioning spray before you dry.  If you have fine hair, use a cream rather than a spray, and apply it just to the tips of your hair to avoid the greaser look.  That combined with a dryer sheet tucked in your purse should keep your hair static free throughout the day.

For more tips on how to keep your hair looking its best this winter, schedule an appointment with one of the stylists at the Health and Style Institute.  They work with all hair types, and can help you get and keep the look you want.

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