Spring Hair Sprung

Spring Hair Sprung

Spring has sprung, and with it, a quickly changing climate that changes the best way to deal with our hair. Just as seasons change, so too should some of our hair care routines, as we face differently temperatures, humidity levels and other elements that affect our hair.

Moisture Balance

Our hair needs significantly more moisturizing in the cold months than the warm ones. However, that doesn’t mean at the first spring blossom we should ditch the moisturizer entirely. Instead, tone it down a notch by deep conditioning less frequently and by switching from a heavy conditioner to a light one. Every head of hair is different, so you should talk to you stylist at the Health and Style Institute when you suspect your hair of succumbing to humidity. You can also watch for your hair to be a little limper or oilier than it generally is, both of which are signs that you’re over-moisturizing.

Wild Winds

Spring also means windy weather, and that wind can take hold of hair, creating flyaways and messing up our beautiful style. Now is not the time to fight your hair’s natural impulses by making curly hair stick straight or teasing locks into an otherwise straight style. Instead, find looks that work with your natural hair. You can also lean on accessories, using clips, ponytails, and headbands to combat the wind’s wear. Expect whatever hair is left loose to move a bit, so shoot for flowy, natural styles.

Heat Treatment

As the weather heats up, most people spend more time outside, and the sun’s rays are already fairly intense. The extra exposure can damage your hair, creating split ends and making hair duller. Add that to the wind issues and you have a recipe for disaster. However, there are ways to minimize the sun’s damage. When your hair is nearly dry from the blow-dryer, flip the settings to cold air. The chill will close hair cuticles, locking moisture in and making it more difficult for the sun’s rays to enter. You can also buy products that will give an extra layer of protection, like a UV protecting shampoo or weather protecting hair serum. If you color your hair, it is especially important now to use protein treatment so your color won’t fade out.

Deep conditioning treatments can work to minimize any existing damage and protect from future problems. As you spend more time outside, and especially in the pool, visit the salon more frequently since the danger to your hair is increasing.

Making these slight adjustments to your locks care will ensure you’ll go through Spring with a gorgeous head of hair. For more tips on how to keep your hair gorgeous in all seasons, schedule your appointment at the Health and Style Institute today. And take advantage of our fabulous April special: For only $15, you get a Brow Wax, and a Facial-on-the-Go, AND your make up done! Good through April 30, 2014. Call today to schedule: (336) 885-3452.

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